Liz Zylinski

Liz is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. She has exhibited at The Gallery, Mount Macedon, in the Creative Palettes exhibitions (Macedon Ranges) in 2006, 2007 and 2008, the East Gippsland Gallery’s EGAG and Brunswick Street Gallery Small Art Prize exhibitions in 2022. Her solo exhibition ‘Places’ runs during May 2022 at The Old Auction Rooms, Kyneton. Liz has also run her own arts education business, teaching at commercial art and craft shows.

Liz is fascinated by shape and form, the relationship between them and is constantly inspired by the world around her, urban and rural. A keen traveller, she is inspired by the varying architecture and landscapes around the world particularly of Europe. Liz is also inspired by the vibrant turquoise grounds of Sidney Nolan, the interplay of opaques and transparent glazes of Fred Williams and Miro, and the purity of Mondrian’s lines and colours.

Liz has worked in acrylics, mixed media, water colour pencil, lino and gel plate mono prints, but prefers oils for its depth, translucence, vibrancy and ability to layer and push the medium. She uses both brushes and palette knives to achieve texture and movement. Her artwork plays with colour, geometry, planes, texture and the relationship between elements, often with a quirky addition to provoke and interest the viewer.

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