Yaroslav Leonets

I’m Yaroslav Leonets, a modern artist from Ukraine. Since childhood, I felt the need to convey my feelings in a non-verbal way because l could not put them in words. I spent a lot of time alone with my own thoughts and feelings, allowing me to find what I could communicate with the world about – my feelings – using gestures, facial expressions, physioqnomy.

I could not convey what I saw around immediately. However, through art and visual imagery, I found a way to reveal and convey what I really feel. I have always been inspired by the search for new forms of communication with the world; therefore, my research in childhood has turned into the work of my life.

As an artist, I realize myself in various forms of art. I am engaged in painting, graphics, and sculpture. I experiment a lot – looking for new ways to convey the reality in which I live. Often, I combine various materials. 

Educated in Ukraine, I attended the Kharkiv Art College, the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts for easel painting and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev for monumental painting. My teachers are one of the best artists in Ukraine, placing first in competitions of academic and contemporary art.

I’ve been working lately in the genre paintings and graphics. In my artworks, I strive to convey the beauty of nature and human interaction with nature. I also work on social issues, topics that address inner experiences and that highlight our connection to nature and identification. Environmental issues and legal issues. Through this issues figuratives l express my emotions and feelings.

Credo: Art is the way of subjective communication with the surrounding world. Using various visual means to express unique, clean, childlike feelings.

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