Emmanuelle, an artist born beside the picturesque Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, has always been captivated by the richness of her multicultural heritage. Now residing near Zurich, Emmanuelle’s passion for art permeates her life as a dedicated mother and creative force.

Emmanuelle’s artistic style is characterized by its dynamic fusion of realism and abstraction. With an innate ability to channel the power and energy of her subjects, her emotionally charged oil paintings draw viewers into a world where nature and human connection coalesce. Emmanuelle thrives on spontaneity and exploration, allowing her ideas to evolve and layer, resulting in a harmonious blend of color and form.

Nature, music, meditation, and dreams serve as the wellspring of Emmanuelle’s inspiration. Her love for trees, flowers, bodies, water, cloudy skies and the expressiveness of faces is evident in her artwork, that revive our inner fire and reconnect us to the nature.

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Where does art begin and where does it end? I am currently working on an order. It is about 120x80cm acrylic painting from Times Square

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