Commissioned works

Where does art begin and where does it end?

I am currently working on an order. It is about 120x80cm acrylic painting from Times Square in NY. The client sent me a self-taken photo as a reference and told me which of my pictures he particularly likes, especially which color moods, so that I can orient myself to them – like a staked field within which I can move.

A commissioned work is always a challenge, because it is important to meet my own standards and expectations, as well as those of the client, and to find the greatest possible intersection. That alone is an art, I think.

But apart from that: what is art today? A big question that can certainly not be answered sufficiently in a short post. Nevertheless, my first thought: the longing for the original, the unique.

In these digital times of unlimited reproducibility, the unique is gaining in importance. Artists are fortunate to have a form of expression that is individual, that distinguishes them. On Instagram I follow over 300 figurative artists and many pictures that appear in my feed I can assign quite safely to the individual persons – without having to read the name.

An individual style can also be felt in the crowd and that is a good feeling.

And finally, in the end, it’s all about a good feeling.

As an interior designer, it is very important for me to actively shape my own environment. It’s not about the most beautiful interior, but about an environment that most closely matches my personality. In my apartment, which is also my studio, there are always different paintings hanging.

Some paintings accompany me for a long time, others inspire me only for a short time and for some, the content is more important than its shape,