Coming Soon – Mondrian

One to put in your diary. The Beyeler will be marking the 150th anniversary of Piet Mondrian’s birth with an exhibion starting on the 5th June. We all know his recilinear, primary colour work, but he was also influenced not only by late 19th century Dutch landscape painting but also by Symbolism and Cubism. The […]

Gazes out of Time

Self portraits across time is the theme of this exhibition in St Gallen. Whether it’s Switzerland’s perennial favourite artist Hodler, looking at a mirror, or a 16th Century Lucretia, self portraits and faces always have a story to tell. According to the Kunstmuseum: “The exhibition Gazes Out of Time brings works from various periods from […]

Art of the 80s

Think of the 80s and first reflections are of Duran Duran, Synth Pop and shoulder pads, at least in this house.  But as the new exhibition at the Albertina Modern shows, the 80s was a vital decade in the history of art. No one style dominated the decade; kitsch was just as “in” as ancient […]

Hodler’s Lumberjack

Is Hodler’s Lumberjack similar to Van Gogh’s Sunflowers? In the sense that multiple versions were painted and it is loved by many then it can certainly be considered to be. The KmL has an exhibition of paintings and drawings of the subject, which was originally conceived as part of a design for a new series […]

Scary Monsters, Super Creeps

Cue David Bowie (and if you’re not old enough to remember him, head over to Spotify and check him out now).  Schattenmonster & andere Verwandlungen is the actual title of this exhibition in Winterthur, but I’m not one to let accuracy get in the way of a good headline.  “Mountains, clothes, octopuses and art” is […]

Goya @Fond_Beyeler

An exhibition at the Beyeler is always a wonderful thing, and their tribute to the Spanish artist Goya, is no excption. Featuring 70 of his paintings and 100 drawings/sketches, there’s enough to interest everyone. Viewings are by timeslot. Book in advance. Where: Beyeler, BaselWhen: Until 23 January 2022

Art as Connection

A bit of an obvious one for us. Like ConnectingArt, this exhibition is a reaction to the upheavals resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, Art as Connection takes the form of an experimental and open exhibition based on a collective development process. Where: Aargauer Kunsthaus When: until 09.01.2022

Art Club 2000

Sounds like the sort of exhibition where you’d expect to meet Jarvis Cocker, and who knows, you just might. Covering Selected works, 1992-1999 this semi-retrospective covers works by ArtClub 2000, seven undergaduates who studied at Coopers Union in NYC. In summary, “Art Club2000, with its precocity, became a unique clash of commodity fetishism and institutional […]