Connect and Earn

The Art of Earning when you Connect. Join Connecting Art’s Affiliate Marketing solution.

Join a growing market
According to Statista, business spending on affiliate marketing hit $14.3 billion globally in 2023 and Influencer Marketing Hub estimates that the industry will continue to grow to $15.7 billion by 2024.

How it Works

Anyone can join Connecting Art’s Affiliate Marketing Platform. How much you earn depends on how engaged you are and what your role is.
Note: The percentages shown are net after all costs (eg Shipping, Tax etc) are deducted from the Gross Sales Price.

Role Artwork Sales Other Sales Augmented Reality Sales Art Leasing Sales
Connecting Artist5%50%10%60%
Affiliate Artist5%10%5%25%
Influencer / Market specialist5%50%25%50%

Connecting Artist

  • You are an active member of our Artist Community who helps that Community grow.
  • Your Sales Fee is 15%, using “Connect and Earn” to initiate a sale, gives you an extra 5%, meaning you take 90% of the Net Sales price.
  • Use Connect & Earn links on your website, so Connecting Art processes your online sales and you take at least 94% of the Net Sales price*.
  • You will be automatically enrolled in Connect and Earn.
  • If you stop being an active member of our Artist Community, you may be downgraded to an Affiliate Artist.

* The amount to be deducted as a net sales fee depends on 3rd Party (Credit Card/Twint/Bank) Processing fee. Credit Cards may be upto 3.5%.
We add 2% to cover our local costs in this case. So you can expect between 2% and 6% as the total fee.

Affiliate Artist

  • You are an Artist with a Gallery on Connecting Art but are not actively engaged with fellow Artists in the Connecting Art Artist Community.
  • Your base Net sales fee is 25% – although you can bring this down to 20% with the “Connect and Earn” link.
  • You also have opportunities to earn as indicated above, just a little less than a Connecting Artist
  • An Affiliate Artist can always request to be a Connecting Artist.
  • You must click on Join “Connect & Earn” to register
If you are an artist but haven’t already joined Connecting Art – Join now:
Influencer / Market specialist

  • If you blog or would like to promote Connecting Art, you can earn significant percentages of the Net Sales Amount of any sales made.
  • Just use your personal “Connect and Earn” link to bring users to the Connecting Art site & try to initiate a sale.
  • If you are regularly bringing people to Connecting Art and sometimes make sales, we will consider offering you an extra discretionary bonus of upto $20/month.