Your Connecting Art Help Centre

This is the location where you can get documentation on various aspects of Connecting Art, from Both the Artist and the Buyer’s perspective.

If you can’t find what you are looking for and need help, contact the Connecting Art team

Create Artworks for the Art Viewer

Connecting Art comes with an interactive 3D Artview Creator. You can upload a picture of your art (cropped towards the edges of your artwork) on alongside your details, wait for a few minutes and then receive a QR code and link via E-Mail to view your artwork on a mobile phone in-place. Just point the phone at the wall and drag your artwork in place.

Note, for this function you will a reasonably recent iPhone or Android phone that supports web-based Augmented Reality technology. 

There is no need for an app, however we recommend you use your local native browser for the best experience.

You can try a possible result by scanning this code (or clicking it, if you’re on a phone):

If you run into problems, it is possible that you’re uploading the picture in a too high resolution. In that case, please just shrink it (or on iOS choose a reduced version if you pick it from your gallery).