Giggs Kgole

From: Italy
Born in: South Africa

South African born international award winning artist based in Rome Italy, I am here to connect the world, break barriers, make you feel the art and life.Kgole’s work range from collage, ceramics, prints, oil paintings, digital, and sculpture. A Kgole piece is a merge of cultural, interpersonal, artistic, aesthetic, and psychological influence; all drawn through experiences of nomadic travelling and values in upbringing.
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Greetings Cards

Currently Giggs Kgole has no greetings cards available.
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Artworks for Sale

Kumnadi Ne?
Abstract Collage
CHF 7’500
Toro ya Kgole
Toro ya yaka
Abstract Art Deco
CHF 7’000
Villa Borghese
Abstract Conceptual
CHF 3’000
Abstract Portrait
CHF 6’300
Conceptual Contemporary
CHF 4’000
Bafana ba Sharlott
Collage Illustration
CHF 4’600
Collage Contemporary
CHF 4’600
Collage Geometric
CHF 4’600
Ke Jeffery
Abstract Geometric
CHF 4’600
Soul Search
Abstract Conceptual
CHF 7’000
Viva Sax
Abstract Conceptual
CHF 17’000

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