Give the Gift of Art this Christmas

Why not give the Gift of Art this Christmas at Connecting Art?

Give your friends and family (or you!) a special surprise this Christmas – an artwork, art event, art commission or a Gift Card.
If you or your friends like one of our artworks, or the style of one of our artists, now is the time to buy.
You can get 10% off any Artwork or Gift Card until the end of the year at Connecting Art.

We are continually developing what Connecting Art can offer you. We will have more artists joining us in 2023.
We will have more Art events in 2023 and are talking with partners that may offer some interesting benefits too.
Gift cards at a 10% discount are a way to access our current and future offers at a reduced rate.
They can be used to buy anything on sale at the Connecting Art site except another Gift Card.

Oh and by the way, we are giving this Gift of Art to our artists too. This promotion is 100% funded by Connecting Art.