CHF 2'000

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In this series of works depicting family situations, realities, or even biblical stories, I turn to finding and reflecting on my own naive, childish feelings that I have truly experienced or thought about at some point in my life. For me, the feelings are very similar to the precious moment that needs to be cherished. And if you missed or forgot for a moment that you need to live not in the past and not just dream of the future. Go back to the time you have now and truly live it, fall in love with what you have and appreciate, too, only what you have at the moment. anything or anyone around their own lives. Only your own affairs, own family, own desires. People doesn’t think how much everything depends on them and how much the world is changing. All this is an endless flow of time. Time that cannot be grasped, only to watch its history.

Art Type:
Art Medium:
Oil paints
No Frame
30cm by 40cm