Polyphony – Magenta

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I have always enjoyed stretching the boundaries – the limitations, restrictions, possibilities – of ‘normal’ art materials and technique, finding out new and interesting ways of working. This has led me to my current series, utilising transparent colours and working almost exclusively with a palette knife.

From my new technique came composition and harmony, colour and texture, and my series “Polyphony”. Polyphony is simultaneously combining multiple parts, each with its own form and ‘melody’, to produce something more than the sum of its parts.

Working towards pure abstraction, in Polyphony I play with contour and colour, texture and meaning. Are these works truly pure abstraction, or are they landscapes? Are they of our world or from a dream? Are they purely form without reference to reality?

“Polyphony 2022 – Magenta” explores this theme through a bright, vibrant hues of pink through purple to almost black, drawing the eye in and around the painting.

The interplay of repeating patterns, repeating texture, repeating colours has created a work of great beauty and interest which will enhance any room.

This painting is on unstretched linen and will be shipped from Australia rolled, ready for the buyer to have stretched and framed.

Art Type:
Abstract Conceptual Contemporary Geometric Landscape Mountain
Art Medium:
Oil painting Oil paints On Canvas
No Frame
71cm by 56cm