Liquorice Heart

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My Heart Series series is a captivating collection of artworks that draws inspiration from both her talented actress friend. This series revolves around the incorporation of hearts, symbolizing love, emotions, and connections.

“Liquorice Heart” is an artwork that combines elements of childlike whimsy with adult sophistication. This heart-shaped piece features individual sweets carefully placed and then covered in glitter black paint, accentuated by a surrounding of white glitter.

The incorporation of liquorice sweets, known for their distinctive flavor and texture, adds a playful and nostalgic touch to the artwork. It harkens back to the innocent joy of childhood and evokes a sense of delight and whimsy. By using these individual sweets as the building blocks of the heart, it creates a visual representation of the childlike essence within us all.

The juxtaposition of the black glitter paint and the white glitter surroundings adds an element of adult sophistication to the piece. The combination of these contrasting colors represents a duality—where the childlike innocence meets the complexities and elegance of the adult world. The black color signifies maturity, elegance, and mystery, while the white glitter alludes to purity, clarity, and light.

“Liquorice Heart” serves as a visual metaphor for the intersection of childlike wonder and adult refinement. It invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of growing up while celebrating the joy and innocence that can still be found within us.

This artwork, creates a dialogue between contrasting elements, merging childhood nostalgia with adult sophistication, hopefully within the Viewer;  sparks contemplation, evokes emotion, and invites viewers to explore the intricate layers of their own experiences.


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No Frame
100cm by 100cm