Gold Ore

CHF 3'000

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In this artwork, a rich golden metallic color takes center stage, creating a mesmerizing and luxurious aesthetic. The fluid structure of the artwork mirrors the flowing nature of molten gold ore, capturing the essence of beauty as something that possesses volume, texture, and a fluid-like quality.

The golden metallic color chosen signifies opulence, grandeur, and a sense of preciousness. It evokes a feeling of richness and luxury, captivating the viewer’s attention and immersing them in a world of aesthetic splendor.

The fluid structure of the artwork adds an element of movement and dynamism. It represents the ever-changing nature of beauty, emphasizing that it is not static or confined to rigid forms but has a flowing and organic quality. This fluidity also suggests the transformative power of beauty, as it can shape-shift and evolve.

It invites viewers to appreciate beauty not only for its external appearance but also for its depth, texture, and its ability to enchant and captivate, which elevates the aesthetic experience, transporting viewers into a realm of elegance and splendor. It serves as a reminder that beauty encompasses more than just surface-level appearances, embracing the multidimensional and captivating nature of our perception of aesthetics.

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No Frame
120cm by 120cm