Guess what I am

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What is Nature? fertility? dynamism? transition? abundance? chaos? power? wonder? beauty? miracle unfolding? This painting tries to make visible these components. The colors, shapes and thicknesses refer to air, water, earth, light/fire. In some places the color has been used dry, directly from a tube or trowel, while in others it is extremely watery. The volumes are the mountains and continents, the puddles the seas and the colorful clouds. The parts shaded in white the air. The fluorescent-yellow ones the light. The semi-transparent woman in the foreground blends in with the background, because she is part of it, because She is what creates, modifies, and destroys within Her own womb.

Can you see Her, Mother Nature?

Art Type:
Abstract Expressionism Nude
Art Medium:
Acrylic On Canvas
61cm by 50cm