Giggs Kgole

Giggs Kgole

South African born international award winning artist based in Rome Italy, I am here to connect the world, break barriers, make you feel the art and life.

Kgole’s work range from collage, ceramics, prints, oil paintings, digital, and sculpture. A Kgole piece is a merge of cultural, interpersonal, artistic, aesthetic, and psychological influence; all drawn through experiences of nomadic travelling and values in upbringing.

Selected Solo exhibitions:
  • Ditoro, Denzil’s & Jo, Johannesburg, (South Africa)
  • Badimo Ba Kgole, Signature African Art, London, (United Kingdom)
  • 2019
  • Divine, Mekanova Gallery, Cannes, (France).
  • Divine Part 2, South African High Commission to the United Kingdom, London (United Kingdom)
  • Divine Part 3, Mekanova Gallery, Cannes, (France)
  • 2018
  • The Tub, Artivist, (South Africa)
  • Tembisa, GasLamp, (South Africa)
  • I was Caught In Fire, Vineyarts, (Italy)
  • 2017
  • Before the High Walls, John Cabot University, (Italy)
  • COMING of AGE, Everard Read, (South Africa)
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