The 2000 Sculpture

The 2000 Sculpture can be seen at the Kunsthaus Zürich.

By Walter De Maria, it is considered to be a “space-filling installation”. Specifically it is a 500sqm space filled with 2,000 white plaster rods – 50 cm by approx 12 cm high. The  elements have either five, seven or nine sides and are laid out in a total of 20 rows each with 100 rods. Their arrangement follows a specific rhythm: 5–7–9–7–5–5–7–9–7–5.

The result?  The viewer sees a kind of herringbone pattern, with the rods seeming to move towards or away from them, depending on where they are standing. This provides “a tension between predictable regularity and individual perception that is underscored by the light and space surrounding the arrangement”.

Where: Kunsthaus Zürich
When: Until 20.02.2022