The playing soul monster

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This painting is one of those that are very personal. I painted the picture during the pandemic, a time in which I just also had to heal personally and at the same time developed a very own, personal style of painting. The painting shows the dark in me, the “inner monster” that resides in everyone. It is dark and black, but yet also a child that wants to play. And even if it is dark, the monster has a golden heart, because even my inner demon ultimately wants only the best for me.

The picture shows that everything has several sides and there is rarely only good or evil.
It is one of the many images that simply arise intuitively with me. The colors run, the colors form shapes and the shapes show a being. I play with the canvas and the colors, and then I work out of it what has emerged.

Art Type:
Abstract Contemporary
Art Medium:
Acrylic On Canvas
No Frame
120cm by 100cm