Juliette Roche – Besancon

A retrospective of Juliette Roche, a first since the 1960s, introduces  a little-known female artist: painter, designer and writer, who participated in the artistic avant-gardes of the early twentieth century.

Little exposed during her lifetime, Juliette Roche mixed aesthetic influences in her beginnings. A student of Maurice Denis and Paul Sérusier at the Ranson Academy, she used the simple forms, decorative character and the Symbolist universe of the Nabis group. 

In New York during the First World War, she participated in the Dada group alongside Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia who painted her portrait using a pressure gauge. These encounters introduce strangeness and irony into Juliette Roche’s practice, evident in her writings of the time, which include very innovative typographical compositions.

The current exhibition at MBAA Besancon, includes around a hundred paintings, drawings and ceramics, most of them unpublished and from the Albert Gleizes Foundation. 

Where: MBAA Besancon
When: until 19.09.2021