On this Day

What happened on this day?

Arthur F Mathews

Born Oct 1, 1860 Wisconsin, Mathews was an American Tonalist painter after initailly training as an architect. Comfortable using oils, watercolours and gouache, he studied in California and Paris and was highly active in fighting for the rights of women to study art in the US.

John Chapman Lewis

Born 29 Sep 1920 in Washington DC, Lewis was an abstract painter, a member of the Washington School of Color. Other than abstracts, he also painted cityscapes (and Roosters?) focusing on the mystical and emotional aspects of his subjects.

Walter Darby Bannard

Born Sep 23 1934, New Haven CT, Bannard was probably best known for color field painting – alongside modernism, minimalism and formalism. Featuring in over 100 exhibitions, he was also a professor at Miami University. East of Eden #2

Cleve Gray

Born 22 Sep 1918 in NYC, Gray started out as a landscape painter, served as a GI and sketched wartime destruction before meeting Picasso and Jacques Villon. Inspired by Cubism in later life his work tended more towards the abstract. Here’s: Active Void

Joseph Delaney

Born Sep 13 1904 in Knoxville, TN, Delaney was committed to opposing racial discrimination. Known particularly for panoramic crowd scenes, showing concern for the lives of common people, he also painted NYC where he lived. Union Square.

Rex Brandt

Born Sep 12 1914 in San Diego, Brandt was inspired by the life and geography of the US West Coast. A keen sailor, he painted many pictures of boats as well as Californian landscapes – either as block prints, oil paintings or watercolours like: Cottonwood Mountains.

Meyer Wolfe

Born 10 Sep 1897 Kentucky, Wolfe, best known as a sculptor but also produced painttings and lithographs of note. He worked in a local realist style that arose in the 30s as a response to European Modernism.

Preston Dickinson

Born Sep 9, 1899, NYC, Dickinson was an early US adopter of cubist and futurist techniques, focusing on industrial subjects such as factories and granaries. Early works were imaginary but later he shifted to more realistic works. Here’s: Factory

Shiko Munakata

Born 5 Sep 1903 in Japan, Munakata was known for his woodblock prints. A zen buddhist, local folk festivals were a key theme for him. Initially working in b/w he changed to colouring his work using a technique called urazaishiki.

John Saccaro

Born 2 Sept 1913, Saccaro was an American abstract expressionist artist from the SF bay area. Think slashing, angular brush work and high contrast colours. @SFMOMA – do you have any of his work?