Buffie Johnson

Born 20 February 1912 (according to multiple reputable sources, or it could be Feb 12th if you prefer Wikipedia, but the website quoted on Wiki provoked my virus checker – so who knows?) in New York City, Johnson was associated with the Abstract Imagists.

She received many awards and was featured in Peggy Guggenheim’s 1943 show “Exhibition by 31 Women” at the Art of This Century gallery in New York. And in 1993, MoMA Ps1 held a retrospective dedicated to her work.

Random Fact: At the age of 26, the Kingdom of Redonda awarded her the title of Duchess de la Nera Castilla de Redonda, bestowed by H. M. the Crown Prince and Pretender to the Throne of Redonda, John Gawsworth, who was crowned King Juan I in 1947. There has to be a story there, surely?

This is: Mist (1960)