Albert Oehlen – Lugano

Big paintings by me with small paintings by others.

Got to love the title of this exhibition, which aims to show Albert Oehlin simultaneously as Creator, Collector and Curator (The 3Cs?).

Born in Krefeld, Germany, Oehlen studied in Hamburg from 1978 to 1981, becaming a prominent figure of the Berlin and Cologne art scenes. He was an artist of the Junge Wilde (Young Wilds) movement, along with Martin Kippenberger and Werner Büttner, producing works that “challenged the categorisation of art and rejected the art system itself”.

The core group of works in the exhibition, represent the essence of Oehlen’s art, alongside part of his private collection, which “will enable visitors to engage with the depth and breadth of his pictorial exploration”.

Where: MASI Lugano
When: Until 20.02.2022