Art & Wine 2023

Genossenschaft Hofgarten
Hofwiesenstrasse 58
8057 Zürich

Saturday 28th October 2023
Sunday 29th October
11:00 – 18:00

Getting there:  Public Transport to Bucheggplatz:
Tram: 11/15
Bus: 32/40/69/72/83

A Relaxed Art Vernissage

Join Connecting Art and meet some excellent artists in a relaxed atmosphere.

Taste some fantastic wines from around the World and take a relaxed look at some very special Art.

Meet the Artists and find out what motivates them. If you like their style but want something really personal, talk to them about a commission.

Some of the Artists will also be giving workshops (separate fee) and these will be announced soon.

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CHF 10

Availability: In stock

Note: Your ticket is fully transferrable. If Connecting Art cancels the event, your ticket will be refunded.

Your ticket is generally not refundable, but if you have an issue that prevents you from attending, which isn’t covered by your insurance, email us before 27th October and we will try and help.

The ticket price includes:

  • Wine and snacks
  • 5% off all Connecting Art artworks
  • A single entry on the Saturday or the Sunday

Meet the Artists At the Art & Wine 2023....

Alice Hanakova Sloane

“I create one-off, original paintings and sketches full of hues and shades, textures and shapes, and suffused with an honesty and passion”

Chiara Badesso

“Painting is a representation of reality as the artist perceives it, i.e. a mix of light, shadows, colours and mass. Three-dimensionality, movement and contrasts are elements that are never lacking in my paintings, as is the combination of warm and cold colours. “

Emmanuelle Erard

“My artistic style is characterized by its dynamic fusion of realism and abstraction. I channel the power and energy of my subjects, drawing viewers into a world where nature and human connection coalesce. I thrive on spontaneity and exploration, allowing my ideas to evolve and layer, resulting in a harmonious blend of color and form.”

Tatjana Gubii

“I grew up in Ukraine, where I studied Language and Philology, which included the topic of Swiss dialects. Now in Zurich, I combine my twin loves of language and art working as a teacher and illustrator.”

Viktoriia Pavlova

“I have been painting since childhood and have studied art graduating from the art faculty of the St. Petersburg State University. I use many techniques in my works but tend to keep my personal and expressive style halfway between Fauvism and Impressionism.”

Sasa Roche

“For me, Art is the ultimate expression of human creativity and emotion. My Art combines everyday objects, symbols & fluid shapes in a unique genre of texture, colour and materials to evoke emotions in the viewer.”