KINGS & QUEENS – My Art Theme 2022

Today is Epiphany and I hope that you have already fished a king or a queen out of your Three King Cake. In Switzerland we buy a cake made out of a sweet brioche dough. It has one big Brioche in the middle and small ones around it. In every cake there is one king in one of the small brioches. She who finds it is queen of the day gets a paper crown and may give orders all day long. I have always loved this tradition since I was little. Back then my family mercifully made sure that the king was placed in the piece I got. How wonderful it was! Today I have to be lucky myself if I want to become the queen.

I thought that this day of the Three Kings was a good date to let you know that for the first time I have chosen an overall art theme for 2022: KINGS & QUEENS.

Amongst other creations I will be making small and large works throughout the year with this theme in mind. I am interested in the history of todays royals and also those of the the past. I want to dive further into these topics through my art. Which past and present royals would you like to see in my future works?

Artwork: THREE KINGS / Acrylic & collage on paper / 30 x 30 cmKings left to right: Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodpuhr (1880)/ Emperor Leopold I of the Holy Roman Empire (1640) / King Otto of Greece (1815)