Connecting Art Gift Card Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are specific to Gift Card purchase and usage. They are in addition to the full Terms & Conditions that apply in all cases. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Connecting Art GmbH.


A Connecting Art Gift Card is a purchase that allows the purchaser or recipient to purchase goods at a later date. It is valid for any products, other than additional Gift Cards, that are available for purchase on the website.

Any valid coupons issued by Connecting Art can be used towards purchasing a Connecting Art Gift Card.

A Connecting Art Gift Card is valid for 730 days (two calendar years) from the date of purchase.

The full amount of the Card will be available to the user whilst the card is still valid. This means, the user can purchase multiple products from the balance available.


A Connecting Art Gift Card is non-refundable once purchased and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other product or value that is not offered on the website.

A Connecting Art Gift Card is not exclusive to one individual, however, and can be shared by one or more persons.

Once a Connecting Art Gift Card expires, it may no longer be used and we will not refund any remaining amount on the card.


A Connecting Art Gift Card has auto-generated numbers which are random for security purposes to keep people from guessing the numbers. When an invalid gift card number is entered into the site, there is a “tar pit” of 5 seconds. This makes it nearly impossible for someone to brute-force guess a gift card number.

Any unauthorised use of a Connecting Art Gift Card by a third party, is the sole responsibility of the current owner of the Gift Card. The Current owner is either the buyer, recipient, or person the recipient passed the card on to. As per SECTION 13 and SECTION 14 of our Terms and Conditions we take no responsibility or liability for unauthorised use of the Connecting Art Gift Card.


In the event that the value left on an unexpired Gift Card could not be honoured by us due to technical issues relating to gift card usage lasting more than 30 days, company liquidation or any issues under our control, the current owner of the card can apply for a refund on the remaining amount by sending an email to

Proactively, we will also endeavour to contact the original purchaser and/or latest known owner of the card to advise them if such circumstances arise. However, payment of any refund is at our discretion unless we are directed to do so by law.


Questions about these Terms and Conditions should be sent to us at