KC Wong

From 1968 to 1972 I studied painting at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. After graduation, I worked in the field of visual communication while raising my family.

At long last, in 2016, I had the opportunity of fulfilling my long-cherished dream of becoming a full-time painter. In 2019, I entered an art competition in London, where my painting “Sunday Brunch at Nicky’s” was shortlisted and exhibited at The Mall Gallery in London. This juried show encouraged me to continue my painting journey.

My work is primarily representational. I enjoy depicting portraits, landscapes, and still life. My preferred medium is oil on canvas.

Influential Masters:
Van Gogh: for his immense energy and enthusiasm
Da Vinci: for his tremendous intellectual capacity and inquisitiveness
Vermeer: for his ability to translate tranquillity onto canvas

As an artist, I am driven by the conviction that life continually unfolds inspiring places; places where timeless beauty abounds and offers serene peacefulness. There are no thoughts, no words, but just stillness. This space – between our finite physical world and what lies behind the scene – is what I explore in my work and wish to share with my viewers.

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Where does art begin and where does it end? I am currently working on an order. It is about 120x80cm acrylic painting from Times Square

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