ConnectingArt Concept

ConnectingArt is an artists collective. Our roots are from a 2020 Swiss initiative to help Artists survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

We provide a platform:

  • for artists to sell their art at fair costs.
  • for art buyers to discover new high quality art
How do we do it?

  • We use the power of social media and online search to create an audience cost effectively (SEO, SEM, Viral Marketing)
  • Our “gallery” is mainly online, therefore can keep expenses low (no office, no physical space rent)
  • We use technology to generate attention in the art scene (3D Artworks in Augmented Reality)
  • Use our artist’s social media to promote the ConnectingArt platform (Audience Pooling)
  • Many of our processes are optimized for a digital world (payment, shipping process)

To become a Connecting Artist with your own online Gallery, please register here.