CHF 800

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The SAMPAGUITA MARTYR is a father who services his children who sells “Sampaguitas” (Jasmine flowers), he drives his pedicab, a small pedal-operated vehicle, to accompany them to the church nearby where they will sell their Sampaguitas.

It is the national flowerof the Philippines, and in Philippine Catholic culture, most Filipinos offer these fragrant flowers weaved into small necklaces as offerings to sculptures of Santo Niño, the Christ child. It is often the tradition of having to buy these flowers right after going to mass and upon arriving at home offer the flowers to one’s religious statues at home.

In the artwork, the tradition is embodied or symbolized. The pedicab has a cross in front of it where they hang their sampaguita necklaces to dry on their way to church. It symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus as he has to carry our burden. The umbrella above them has a hole in it in the shape of the sacred heart, revealing a sunlit cross when the sun goes above them just right.

The passengers are us, sometimes ungrateful, sometimes uninterested and distracted, and yet being carried all the same by the father who turns the wheel and makes it go forward. He carries everything and everyone with his strength, even in his old age, he still carries us towards our desired destination. True martyrs or the world and above, but all are grateful with the cleansing scent of the Sampaguita.

Art Type:
Contemporary Illustration Mixed Technique Portrait
Art Medium:
Acrylic Ink Japanese brush Markets Mixed_Media On Paper Watercolor
No Frame
77cm by 64cm