CHF 500

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In the Philippines, the “kalabaw” or Carabao (a domestic swamp-type water buffalo) is used to help farmers plow rice, use it as transportation or carry and move heavy objects. Most Carabaos are seen in provinces where the rice fields are, however in Manila, the modern Carabao is a diesel fueled vehicle that can do pretty much the same as the animal.

The modern day Carabao transports construction workers from their home to their site. It doesn’t plow through the wet paddy fields but it help ships the vegetables from the supplier to the wet market. It’s also fast and can go the distance from one city to the next.

Ultimately, the artwork is a symbol of transition. Of how we, as a civilization, are able to switch from using living creatures into creating durable machines that can do the same thing, and finally giving our beloved beasts of burden their well deserved rest.

Art Type:
Contemporary Illustration Mixed Technique
Art Medium:
Acrylic Ink Japanese brush Markets Mixed_Media On Paper Pens Watercolor
No Frame
56cm by 56cm